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Progress on Mum’s 1890s Plum Outfit

You’ve already seen the petticoats that I’ve made for my Dear Mama and since then I have been busy working away on more of her outfit. Here’s a quick update on the progress I have made so far.

Starting off with another undergarment, I have made Mum a chemise to wear under everything. I used the Truly Victorian pattern, and, quite honestly, this pattern makes up so quickly it is I cannot think of a reason to not have at least one in the dress up box.

Mum’s Chemise with a latte coloured ribbon for adjusting the neckline

I am also partway through making up a corset cover and there is, obviously, still the matter of her corset, which I will be making up once I am visiting my parents so that the fit is more accurate.

It’s not just about the undergarments, however, I have been making good progress on her outer garments as well. I have finished her skirt, which I made up with the same Truly Victorian pattern as mine. The taffeta is the most confusing in terms of colour – it changes from a plum purple to burgundy depending on the light. I also should have ironed it before photographing it but I was in a rush to get some images before I lost daylight…

Mum’s Plum skirt (which I need to iron and photograph again when I have better lighting…)

I have also completed her shirtwaist (Yes, another Truly Victorian pattern) in lawn cotton. I had some spare cotton lace in my stash so used that to pretty it up a bit. I had a bit of an incident with the top buttonhole, but fortunately, that’s mostly hidden from view when buttoned up. I will replace the collar section later since that is where the offending buttonhole is. I also think that I was a bit too cautious with the sleeves – I didn’t want to overwhelm Mum with over-puffy sleeves but I feel that maybe they should have a little bit more volume so I might end up replacing them if I have time.

Mum’s Shirtwaist, it will end up looking a little less sheer once the corset cover is added

Earlier this year I purchased a peridot green brooch from Dames a la Mode, with the plan of teaming it up with my Aubergine ensemble. I didn’t like the colour combination enough however and bought another brooch for myself. Now the peridot brooch has found its place with Mum’s outfit and I’ve added a pair of matching earrings for it also.

Brooch and matching earrings from the amazing Dames a la Mode

Now, all that I have left to do for Mum’s outfit is to finish her cape, make up a reticule, construct and trim her hat and, as mentioned above, finish the corset cover as well as making up her corset. I have five weeks to go, and my own outfit to work on as well but currently, I am feeling confident.

Fingers crossed!

Mum, you’re lucky this isn’t in my size because I really like it!

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