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Hello Historybounding: Thoughts and Petticoats

What is historybounding? If you haven't heard of the trend taking the historical costuming community by storm, check out this video. Basically it is taking cues from historical fashion - any era that you like - and translating it into a more modern setting. For me, I love Victorian fashion, but a lot of the early… Continue reading Hello Historybounding: Thoughts and Petticoats

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Pretty Princess Dress: First, The Foundations

My Big Project for this year is my first foray into the First Bustle Era. I've been wanting to make a new ball dress and to challenge myself by making something 'pretty' (if you've seen my earlier dresses you'll note that I'm not big on frills or froth and opt for colours one might not… Continue reading Pretty Princess Dress: First, The Foundations

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Progress on Mum’s 1890s Plum Outfit

You've already seen the petticoats that I've made for my Dear Mama and since then I have been busy working away on more of her outfit. Here's a quick update on the progress I have made so far. Starting off with another undergarment, I have made Mum a chemise to wear under everything. I used… Continue reading Progress on Mum’s 1890s Plum Outfit