2020 Vision

It’s a Brand New Year full of brand new possibilities and potential projects!Because I have a couple of major non-Historical-Costuming events later in the year (my best friend is getting married, and my parents will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary), I am hoping to get ad much of my sewing done earlier on in the year.

The Big Project

My big project for 2020 will be my first foray into the Natural Form era. I have to admit that this hasn’t been a silhouette that I have been drawn to so much in the past but I’m looking forward to trying it on for size.Especially since my parents gifted me some patterns for Christmas. And I already have the petticoat that I made up for the Historical Fashion Show that I organised last year so I’m already partway there. I spent the a few days over New Year’s to make up a second petticoat.And, as I write this I have the pieces cut for a third, this time using the underskirt pattern. I figure that it will not only act as a sort of mockup but by being the same shape as the skirt, will provide extra support for the silhouette.

New patterns for a new era!!!

My first complete project of 2020 – a new petticoat shown over last year’s

I wanted to make a purple dress this year and ended up falling for a colour combination of lilac and navy. I was very impressed with the silk taffetas I purchased from Silk Baron last year that I am purchasing from them again.

The Bristol silk taffeta arrived as the year began and I can’t wait to get started on the underskirt before the month is over. I’m absolutely smitten with the gorgeous colour and have decided to make the whole underskirt from it instead of alternating the trim with the Vespers. This also means that I can use it for other outfits too.

Woollen Walking Suit

It seems that I can never leave the 1890s alone and this year I want to try sewing with wool. I’m thinking of making a walking skirt and a matching jacket – probably an Eton Jacket.

I’m not thinking of doing anything fancy with this suit as I want it to have a more middle-class feel to it. There will be a little bit of silk for the jacket collar but the wool is lovely enough on it’s own to need any other embellishments.

1890s Ball Gown

This is a project that snuck it’s way onto my list at the last second. I’m thinking of making an 1890s light green ball dress – in two parts, skirt and bodice, so that I can team the skirt with a nice shirtwaist sometimes for a slighty fancier day look some time in the future.

I’m undecided about the use of trims on this dress and will probably wait until I begin working on it to see what ideas take my fancy, or how nice it looks without any fuss.

Unfinished Projects

Last year I didn’t have the time to make my original Pretty Princess hat so I would like to finish that. At the moment it is in separate pieces and covered in mull. This will be a nice hand sewing project that I can pick up and put down when I feel like it since I have no pressing completion date.

The current state of the Pretty Princess hat

A month ago I discovered a stash busting bodice that I began at the start of 2019. I don’t even remember why I set it aside but it’s 70% complete so I think that I’d like to finish it. If I do that means I will have another bodice to be a part of my Tartan Bustle Capsule Wardrobe.

Smaller Projects

I also have a couple of smaller projects on my list – a pair or two of combinations, and a chemisette (which I added to the list after getting sunburnt wearing the Pretty Princess Dress in Oamaru).


At the moment the only event written in permanent marker on my calendar is the Oamaru Victorian Heritage Celebrations in November.There are a couple of other potential events occurring that I will be attending if I can. And, who knows, maybe I’ll be able to initiate some other event like I did with Queen Victoria’s Birthday last year.I will, however, be taking a break from organising the Historical Fashion Show for the Oamaru Victorian Heritage Celebrations. Organising an event takes a lot of time, energy, and effort. It also means sometimes missing out on attending other events. And, for the shows, I rely a lot on other people taking part and I do feel guilty asking them to do it again. All going well, however, it will be back for 2021.Hopefully this year I will remember that I have a tendency to overestimate my skill and underestimate the time everything takes. This is what always seems to be my downfall and leads to getting stressed out.I wish you all a wonderful 2020 and all the very best for your projects, events, and for everything outside of this wonderful hobby as well.