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Cherryblossom Dress: The Overskirt

After completing my Underskirt, with all of its layers of ruffles, it was time to start on the overskirt.

Obviously, this was going to need ruffles too, and I wanted to make a double apron front (like I had done for my 1870s Tartan Dress, and for my Blueberry), as it gave me an excuse to use extra trim.

I used the Truly Victorian Bustled Apron Overskirt (TV305) but lengthened the back by a few inches so that I could gather it up more for more ‘fluff’, and used a shortened version of the front to create the upper portion.

I added the ruffled trims to the upper portion of the overskirt before attaching it to the lower front piece. Then I joined the front with the back, added the ruffles to the hem all the way around.

Once I had sewn the loops to the back and added the twill tape to the top of the back section, I added the placket and waistband. I gathered the back section to fit the waistband in the same manner as I did for the Underskirt, and then it was done!

I am currently working on a second overskirt, to go with the ball bodice I have in mind. This one doesn’t have the double apron but will have flowers sewn on to it so is a bit more of an adventurous project.

And then I can get started on the bodices. I think at the rate I’m sewing – despite being a slower pace than my usual – I should be on track to have this project completed before the Oamaru Victorian Heritage Celebrations in November 😊

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