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Trimmed With Tartan Part III

I finished the bodice on Saturday and took some time out on Sunday to take some photos of the completed bodice and overskirt. I’m definitely happy with my decision to go with the white sleeves and, while I toyed with the idea of adding some tartan around the edge of the bodice, I think I’m done fussing with it now.

For the collar, I chose to use Collar J from the TV104 Bustle Era Collars and Cuffs pattern set instead of the standard mandarin collar for the French Vest or Cuirass Bodices. The rest of the construction details of this outfit can be found here and here.

Having only seen the dress on Victoria (my mannequin) I was pleasantly surprised with the overall look when I saw myself in the dress for the first time. It’s one thing to see an outfit on a mannequin or on a hanger but it’s quite another to see it come to life on a real person. I had been a little nervous about how it would actually look like worn but much to my relief it sits quite well.

So, without any further ado… here is the completed (minus the hat which still needs to be made) ensemble!

I had a little company during the shoot



I think the back is my favourite part of this bodice





My buckram and millinery wire arrived in the post yesterday so I’m going to start working on a hat to go with this outfit and I’m also going to have to hunt down some gloves as well. Then I shall be able to be out and about and properly dressed 😉

And… it turns out that by trying to shrink my stash by using the tartan fabric I have somehow ended up with a reasonable amount of the white taffeta leftover (I have no idea how I managed that…) It looks like I have enough for another underskirt and, quite possibly, an evening or ball bodice too. I guess there might be a Part 4 coming in the near future! It’s a good thing I’m such a fan of mixing and matching =)

3 thoughts on “Trimmed With Tartan Part III

      1. My musical harpist daughter was just here performing in our home town this past weekend, and she brought her original-design merino wool shirts, silk screened with her EllaHarp logo, and she GAVE ME ONE!!! It’s so warm and comfortable :)) I love what you do with your fashions — you should be very proud and overjoyed with the accomplishment!!! :)) Dawn


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