Further Packing Ideas

Earlier this week I listed what I like to take with me just in case an emergency wardrobe malfunction hits while at an event. This list is sort of similar but focuses more on what you could pack to help you get through the event, all emergencies aside.


Snacks, water bottle, and cash


Snacks – Definitely try to pack some healthy snacks because chances are, a lot of the food served during the event will be richer than your body is used to (hello cakes, scones with cream, savouries, etc) so it’s nice to balance that with some lighter, healthier foods to nibble on. Quite often, if I’ve been eating things throughout the day I’m not inclined towards an actual dinner so I normally just have something more snack-ish in the evenings.

Tickets! Plane tickets, bus tickets, event tickets, etc. Obviously, in this day and age of electronic-almost-everything, you might not need to have a physical ticket for your flight or bus ride and all the information is on your phone but, if you have physical tickets to attend different events then you’ll definitely want to make sure that you have them with you.

Water bottle – when I’m in Oamaru I duck back to my room every now and then for one reason or another and it’s great to be able to take a quick sip from a bottle at the same time so I don’t accidentally dehydrate.

Cash – if you’re attending a market or a fete then carrying around some cold hard cash is a good idea. Some stalls might have an EFTPOS machine but it’s best not to assume. After all, what if you find that perfect brooch or a gorgeous piece of artwork, have to run off to get money and come back to find that was snapped up by someone else?


Charging cords and camera


Charging cords – I once left the plug for my camera charging cord behind but was able to get around that by using my laptop to charge it while visiting my parents. I then forgot that I needed my computer to charge my camera and left it behind. Fortunately, my parents were coming down a day later and rescued me from the prospect of not being able to take photos. I now double and triple check that I have all of my cords and plugs before going on any trip.

Camera – so that you can take lots of photos of the event and of the event attendees in their beautiful clothes as well. You can use your phone to take photos too but since I can do more with my camera such as zoom further, I prefer to use my camera.


Hair products, styling tools, personal care items


Eye drops – just in case your eyes get a bit dry or sore from being outdoors for long periods of time or from not getting as much sleep as normal. Also, if you suffer from hayfever you’ll probably want to have some sort of antihistamine so that you’re not all snuffly and sneezy throughout the event.

Hairdryer – a travel sized one is best. Sometimes you just really want to wash your hair after an event at night or in between events on the same day. A hairdryer means that you don’t have to go to bed with wet hair or that your hair is dry enough to put back up for the next event.

Curling wand – I love my curling wand and find that it makes my hair transform into a historical-esque style much more easily. I don’t know why it took me so long to purchase one and add it to my getting ready routine…

Heat protectant spray – if you’re going to be using heat to style your hair then you should have a product on hand that can give it some protection. Because, really, nobody wants to fry their hair, do they?

Bobby pins – tons of bobby pins! These are so helpful when you’re putting your hair up and, sometimes they can be used to help secure your hat so it doesn’t blow away in the wind. Bobby pins do have a reputation for disappearing though, so pack way more than you think you’ll need.

Lip balm – you’re going to be smiling a lot, talking perhaps more than normal, and if you’re outside in the sun a lot then your lips are going to get dry. It’s easy enough to swipe some on during the day whenever you feel the need and if it has SPF then you’re also protecting your lips from sun damage.

Tissues – while ladies and gentlemen of the past would have had handkerchiefs on hand we don’t often use them these days. A travel sized tissue packet can be tucked away in your bag just in case you do need to blow your nose.


Notebook and pens, cash, sleeping mask, and water bottle


Sleeping mask – I’ve found mine quite helpful when sharing a room with others or if my room isn’t fully dark.

Earplugs – I’ve never used them but my friend takes hers everywhere when travelling to block out any noise.


Notebook and Pens – I love to take a notebook with me for jotting down notes about my day, names of people that I’ve met (I’m truly terrible at remembering names), and any other thoughts that strike me.


Feminine products, deodorant, febreeze, and a lint roller


Feminine Products – you might be about to start your period, be in the middle of it, or just want to have some spares in the event that a friend might need to borrow from you.

Febreeze – everybody sweats, and sometimes it does get onto your clothes (generally just your undergarments, because that’s one of their purposes). A spray of Febreeze can get rid of any odour and then you can re-wear without worrying about smelling anything less than fresh.

Deodorant – speaking of sweating, deodorant is probably already on your packing list. If you’re going to be moving around a lot – especially if you’re dancing – then you’ll be a lot more comfortable (and a lot less human-repellant) if you’re not worrying about your perspiration.

A lint roller – a lot of historical seamstresses have seamstress cats and that means cat hair does end up on your outfits. Having a lint roller handy to swipe over your dress before you step out in public is always quite handy.


And I hope, of course, no matter what event you’re going to be attending that you pack your sense of adventure and that you have the most wonderful time possible =)

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