Costuming Events Emergency Kit

Even though you are hoping for the best (i.e. no costume issues, lost buttons, etc), it is always a good idea to plan for the worst when you’re travelling for an event. Just in case. Hopefully, you’ll never need to use your emergency kit…

What do I have in my kit?


Buttons, hooks, bars, eyes, and safety pins


Backup buttons – you never know when you might lose one and sometimes you can’t always rescue it to reattach it so having some spares is always a good idea.

Bar slides – just in case that skirt doesn’t fit you as perfectly as it did during your dress rehearsal. The waistband might be a tad too loose (or too tight…)

Safety pins – for other potential fitting issues or other emergencies. Also great if a tie or ribbon has come loose from a casing.


Trim and beads


Beads and trim – just like there is a chance of losing a button you might also want to bring spare beads or trim with you on the off chance that some could come loose or fall off.


Scissors, needles, and threads


Thread – for sewing on new buttons or making other adjustments. Last year I had a collar that refused to behave and I actually had to sew it in place for the day…

Needles – your thread would be redundant if you didn’t have a way to sew with it.

Scissors – to cut the thread, obviously.


Chocolate, threads, buttons, and scissors


Chocolate – because… chocolate? You might need to boost your dropping blood sugar levels, or you might need an emotional boost. Or…maybe you might just really feel like a bite of chocolate…


Other important things to remember to pack would be:

Bandaids or plasters – you might end up with a blister if you’re not used to wearing your shoes for a whole day, day after day. Also, you might accidentally get a paper cut or other injury.

Panadol/Nurofen/other painkillers – quite often I find myself getting a headache at some point during the day so I always have something on hand because I’d rather keep going than take some time to rest.


Painkillers, bandaids, mints, and calling cards


Breath mints – I don’t know if this could be classed as an emergency item or not, but if I’m talking to people all day then I’d rather not have my breath smelling like tea or coffee or whatever I’ve recently eaten.

Contact details – you never know when you are going to run into someone who you want to keep in touch with, or who will offer to email you a really nice photo that they just took. I have taken inspiration from the 19th century calling card idea and have a small stash of my own just-in-case.


Is there anything else you carry in your emergency kit when attending events?

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