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Muff Love

I have to say, I have been more than a little obsessed with muffs lately. I’ve wanted an excuse to make one for ages and I recently found one. I absolutely love it and hope that I have more reasons to use it while it is still winter (or a cool Spring day…)

I’ve found quite a few fashion plates where the ladies are keeping their hands warm with their muffs so I thought that I would share a few with you.

Starting off in 1843, we have a cosy looking ermine muff to match the trimmings on the lady’s coat:

Petit Courrier des Dames 1843 winter
Petit Courier des Dames, 1843

From 1856, a plate of unknown origin…

Unknown 1856 muff

In the 1870s, we have two black and fur trimmed ensembles teamed with muffs, the first being another ermine…

La Saison 1870 winter
La Saison, 1870

And from La Mode Illustree, a year later:

La Mode Illustree 1871 winter
La Mode Illustree, 1871

Also from the 1870s, we these ice skating ensembles, the purple outfit boasting a muff and matching fur collar.

La Saison 1873 ice skating
La Saison, 1873

And, ending our 1870s decade of muff love, we have two lovely green outfits. The first of which also boasts some delightful braid.

La Gazette Rose 1873 winter
La Gazette Rose, 1873

And this one, utilising different greens. Though, that wine dress easily steals all of my attention…

La Saison 1874 winter
La Saison, 1874

Even Natural Form fashions had use of muffs and this outfit clearly exudes winter elegance.

La Mode Artistique 1878 winter purple
La Mode Historique, 1878

And from the Second Bustle Era, we have some more muff-tastic fashion plates.

Le Salon de la Mode 1886 winter
Le Salon de la Mode, 1886

Another elegant purple dress with matching muff and scarf. I don’t think that little dog is so keen to be outside in the cold, however…

Le Moniteur de la Mode 1888 winter
Le Moniteur de la Mode, 1888

And, here we have another green dress with a fur trimmed, very cosy looking dolman with matching muff.

La Mode Francaise 1888 winter
La Mode Francaise, 1888

The ladies in the 1890s knew all about the advantages of accessorising with a muff.

La Mode Francaise 1890
La Mode Francaise, 1890
La Mode Francaise 1890 muff
La Mode Francaise, 1890

Another example of a muff being used while ice skating:

Magasin des Demoiselles 1896 muff
Magasin des Demoiselles, 1896

Big sleeves, impressive braid, and of course, muffs! Is the lady on the right stroking her face with the softness of the fur? That’s probably something I would do…

La Moda Eleganted Ilustrada 1894 muff
La Moda Elegante Ilustrada, 1894

And, as the century comes to a close, the use of muffs continues…

The Delineator 1899 muff
The Delineator, 1899

And the use of braid as well:

The Designer 1899
The Designer, 1899

As much as I like these plates, however, there is one that I came across which I thought was, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the best. It’s not just one muff – or two – it is a shop that is selling muffs to these two fashionable ladies!

Le Moniteur de la Mode 1876 muff shop
Le Moniteur de la Mode, 1876

I’ll take ten, thank you =)

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