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Capers on the Kapiti Coast. Part II

Last Sunday, after our steam train rides (read about those here) we drove down to Queen Elizabeth Park with plans to picnic and pay a visit to the Tramways Museum. But, even the best-laid plans can get interrupted in the most incredible way. As Liane, Hannah, Dina and I were about to discover.

As we were eating our lunch and the birthday cupcakes I had made we spotted several dog walkers and other people out enjoying the beautiful afternoon. And then we saw them…. two riders leading their horses through the carpark, headed for the beach.

I’m not entirely sure how it happened – we complimented their horses as they drew closer, they complimented our dresses – and the next thing I knew we were standing with them. Anita and Elsa introduced us to Mahmoud (nicknamed Mumu) and el Hildago (Eldo), their two beautiful Arabians and after asking and answering questions, Anita asked us if we wanted some photos.

Ah… yes…. of course! What an amazing, unlooked for opportunity!

Dina and Mumu, perfectly coordinated!

These photos are from Liane and Hannah’s phones:

When Eldo stopped being all smoochy with me, he posed for these photos as well:

20170611161732_2 (2)

20170611161438_1 (2)

Anita was so thrilled about our encounter that she asked for copies of the photos but none of us had a pen. Fortunately, I had a ‘calling card’ and could hand her my email address. And when she did email me the following day she suggested that we meet up for an organised photoshoot on the beach. Which sounds like an absolutely amazing idea and hopefully in a few weeks I’ll have some photos to share from that! My fingers and toes are crossed.

After parting with our new two legged and four legged friends we packed up the remains of our picnic and headed to the Tramways Museum to have a look around. One of the volunteers there told us a few interesting facts and even pointed out the tram that Peter Jackson used in King Kong!

We didn’t take a ride on the tram that was running but there was another that was open so that you could climb aboard and look about so, naturally, more photos were taken…


Hannah and I ready to go…nowhere fast really…


20170611165642_1 (2)
I absolutely love my new muff!


After we were done there Liane wanted to go to Paraparaumu Beach for a while and we all decided that a beach visit = a hot chip dinner. Before getting the chips though, Liane and I mucked about on the beach for a while and I literally let my hair down!

20170611172225_1 (2)
I look like a lady in mourning, wandering about in search of solitude…





Dina and Hannah may have been the smarter of the four of us, staying in the car because it was getting pretty chilly as the sun went down. Fortunately, Liane and I warmed ourselves up pretty quickly after eating some of the hot chips while the four of us talked about how much fun we had had over the course of the day. Once we had seen to most of the chips it was time to head for home, with many new memories dancing about our heads.

I think all of us were exhausted once we finally arrived home and we all collapsed in the lounge to watch Doctor Who (Victorians on Mars? That episode was pretty well scheduled…). Tired, yes, but happy…

20170611173347_1 (2)

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