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Blueberry Dress Photoshoot: Day Edition

A year ago I visited Clachanburn Gardens to photograph my Blueberry Dress and, for some reason, I never actually posted the photos here on my blog. I know, slack, right?

Well, it’s time to remedy that and share them with you now. Better late than never, after all 😉

Clachanburn Gardens are in the Maniototo, in Central Otago. While they are in the middle of nowhere (a stones throw from where I grew up so I can get away with saying that), they are popular with garden tour groups, and tourists who stay in the area.

And, they have a cute little cottage where you can stay, which I was allowed to borrow to change my bodices.

It was a temperamental Spring day that didn’t know if it wanted to rain or shine, which caused a few issues with lighting and such (and sent me running for cover at one point) but I think I still ended up with a few good photos of all three versions of the Blueberry Dress.

To prevent this from being a super photo-heavy post, I’m going to break it into three: Day Dress, Afternoon Dress, and Ball Dress photos.

Here are the Day Dress photos:

Find the Afternoon Version here 😊

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