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Corset Crazy…

When the blog goes quiet it’s usually because I’ve been busy sewing and accidentally overloaded myself with projects. Case in point – I went just a little corset crazy over the past month and a bit.

And by crazy, I mean, I may have made nine of them?

I only set out to make three – a new one for myself, one for my Mama, and one to use as a display corset for the Historical Fashion Show that I’m organising as part of the Oamaru Victorian Heritage Celebrations next month.

I then had the bright idea of making up some corsets in different sizes to be available for anyone who wanted to wear them in the show. And when the coutil arrived I fell in love with the pink and blue rosebud coutil and couldn’t choose which one I liked best so… I just had to make myself two corsets ☺️

I used the Laughing Moon Dore pattern for all of them and made them up sort of in an assembly line method. Some fell behind during construction as I waited for various supplies to arrive.

I also made chemises to go with each of them.

Mum’s is a white broche corset, with spiral steels, and white lace trim.

My two are pink and blue, both with a white lace trim. The pink uses spiral steels and the blue has synthetic whalebone.

The display corset is a bold move in red but it’s gorgeous, and my idea of making it in red came from the fact that Mum is letting me borrow her mannequin for the show and hers is red.

Both the size 8 and 12 are made from nude, white, and gold rosebud coutil with a gold lace trim. They look almost exactly the same so I only photographed one of them.

The size 10 corset is made from cream rosebud coutil with a cream lace trim.

The size 14 is made from the same blue coutil as my one, and has an offwhite lace trim.

The size 16 is made from the same pink coutil as mine, and also has a white lace trim.

Still on the crazy train, I also made a Natural Form petticoat for use in the fashion show too…

Now that I’ve got all that crazy out of my system, I’m back to working on my Pretty Princess Dress. I have three weeks to finish my bodices – eeep!!!

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