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An Easter to Remember Part III

Sunday arrived far too quickly, as the last day of multi-day events often does. Still, I was quite looking forward to the day, and to ‘officially debuting’ my recently completed Tartan and White ensemble. Up and dressed, I wrestled my hair into a style that would work both with my new French Bonnet but would also survive and be presentable for the dance in the evening when I discarded my hat.

As with the previous days Monique dropped by to pick us up and we loaded the car to the max with everything needed not only for the day but also the dance as well. It was a much more logical decision to remain at Ferrymead Heritage Park after the day out to set up for the dance instead of returning home for a short spell. That meant packing my evening bodice, gloves, and other bits and pieces needed for transforming my ensemble from day to evening.

When we reached Ferrymead there was already a long line snaking its way from the entrance along the road. An Easter Egg Hunt/Family Day Out was being run by the village that day. Fortunately, we weren’t entering through the main entrance and were able to avoid the crowd and offload everything from the car into the back of one of the cottages to retrieve later.

Maree, Scott, and their friends Max and Lauren had arrived at the village prior to us and before long (with the wonderful invention of mobile telephones) we were all united. Since nothing needed to be set up straight away Edan had a chance to breathe and joined us as we walked up the street. As we headed towards the train station he fell naturally into tour guide mode and told us different facts about the village.

We boarded the train and took seats at one end. Apparently, Edan told us, if the timing was right, once we reached the end of the line it was possible to climb aboard one of the trams and ride that back to the village. As it turned out, our timing wasn’t quite right as we missed it by perhaps a minute. Not to worry though, as it gave us a short period of time to take a few photos before reboarding the train.

1000335 (3)

1000339 (2)
Scott, Maree, Max, Lauren, and Edan on the train

Once we arrived back at the station we headed for the post office where Maree and Scott purchased postcards to write on and send to Scott’s brother.

By then Edan disappeared off to get things ready for the picnic in the park and Scott and Max headed off to retrieve their picnic basket from the car. Maree, Lauren and I wandered towards the park in search of a seat so that Lauren (sporting a moon boot under her skirts) could rest for a bit.

While we waited for the boys to return, other members of our party arrived and began choosing their spots to set up their picnics. While everyone was setting up I noticed that the woman from the university had turned up, armed with her camera and was talking to Edan. She then spent the course of the picnic moving about snapping so many photos that she had to return to her car for more rolls of film! I think we have to wait for a while before we’ll get to see them but it will be nice to have some more photos from the day since we lost our photographer the day before.

1000350 (2)
Edan chatting to Jen and Monique
1000348 (2)
Lauren, Max, Scott, and Maree ready to picnic
With Maree

We certainly didn’t have the park to ourselves as small family groups were also taking a break from the Easter Egg Hunt and having their own picnics, snacks, or purchasing items from the two food trucks that were also in the park. The numbers in the park swelled a bit more when the Ferrymead Youth arrived and ladies in pink t-shirts and bunny ears rounded up a bunch of children to parade about the gazebo for a best-dressed competition.

A few of the children were dressed historically, most were in normal clothes, and there was even an Oompa Loompa and Willy Wonka. Two of the girls were clearly dressed more Victorian than the others and one looked close to tears as she lost out in her age group to a boy in t-shirt and shorts. Cheryl and I both felt so sorry for her and when Edan told us that he had brought along two prizes just in case there would be any children coming along to our picnic, we asked if we could give her one. And one to another girl who also looked Victorian.

Edan produced the Easter Egg boxes and handed one to Cheryl and the other to me. Before the children could dissipate he announced that we also had prizes to hand out for the best dressed Victorian child. Cheryl and I stepped forward and handed the eggs to the girls and the poor sweetheart who had lost out to the t-shirt and shorts looked a little bewildered.

Once the children vanished back to their families it was time for the adults to give it a go. Ladies first, several of the women stepped up onto the gazebo and lined up. Perhaps to the relief of some of them, there was no parading necessary. Cheryl, Edan, and I conferred rather quickly at first who were our top picks for historical accuracy and overall presentation but then were left with a dilemma. Both the Brough sisters from Invercargill looked fantastic but there was only one prize so first equal didn’t quite work. After further discussion, we eventually decided to award the prize to Diane.

Then it was the gentlemen’s turn and if we had had difficulty awarding best dressed to the ladies it was near impossible for the men. After great deliberation, we decided to award it to Jim, who was the only swagger standing up there with all the suits.

The formalities dispensed with, and most of the picnicking over, many of us migrated from the park to continue wandering about the village. Maree, Scott, Max, Lauren and I decided to catch a ride on one of the trams, which does a nice circuit of the village. It was a very pleasant ride and a great way to see the village without being on foot. When we returned to the same stop we had boarded from we disembarked and it was time to say goodbyes before they left.

1000379 (2)
Lauren, Max, Scott, and Maree on the tram

As I was saying to Maree and Scott that I would see them at the dance, as well as telling Max and Lauren that it was lovely to meet them, I glanced up the street to see Monique and Edan boarding the other tram. I knew I wouldn’t make it over there in time so after our goodbyes concluded and Maree, Scott, Max, and Lauren headed towards the exit I wandered down the street.

Suddenly I was aware that every other member of our group were nowhere in sight and I was getting the odd glance from families still on their Easter Egg Hunt quest. I remembered that since the trams do a circuit, I could board the same tram that I saw Monique and Edan get on once it reached the stop I had just been at. So I returned to the stop and sat for a couple of minutes waiting.

I snapped this while waiting for the tram

When the tram arrived I boarded and said ‘fancy seeing you here’ to Monique, Edan, and also to the Brough sisters who were with them. Then proceeded to tell them that I saw them boarding so knew that they would be there. We continued on the tram for a while before choosing to get off near the dressmaker’s shop and popped in there for a look. Slowly we made our way back to the park and packed up the last of the picnic things.


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