Sewing · Victorian

Progress on Mum’s 1890s Plum Outfit

You've already seen the petticoats that I've made for my Dear Mama and since then I have been busy working away on more of her outfit. Here's a quick update on the progress I have made so far. Starting off with another undergarment, I have made Mum a chemise to wear under everything. I used… Continue reading Progress on Mum’s 1890s Plum Outfit

Advice · Confidence

Comparison, the Thief of Joy?

Unfortunately, with any creative hobby (or any hobby/sport/pursuit really), there is always an element of comparison. It could be that you’re comparing yourself to others, that you are being compared by someone else, or someone is comparing themselves to you. This can lead to either feelings of inferiority or superiority and sometimes these can lead… Continue reading Comparison, the Thief of Joy?