Plans for 2019

Is it really time to be making plans for the new year already? I suppose it is, and, with what I learned from my overabundance of projects in 2018, I hope that my list is not so long or as time-consuming.

Sewing Plans

I’m trying not to get too carried away with my sewing plans this year so only have two projects planned – with a few minor ones thrown in somewhat carelessly at some time.

The Big Project

When I found out that the theme for the next Heritage Celebrations in Oamaru was to be celebrating Queen Victoria’s 200th birthday I knew straight away that this was the Perfect opportunity to make an 1837-8 dress. The fashions of the 1830s are delightfully odd so I’m definitely looking forward to trying my hand at it. Though, by the end of the decade, they weren’t as extreme and evolving into the styles of the 1840s.

Fortunately, several historical costumers were on the 1830s bandwagon towards the end of last year so that’s timely and going to be quite helpful when I get started.

Speaking of Queen Victoria…

I’m becoming very tempted to make a dress from the year of Victoria’s birth – 1819. This does mean falling down an extra rabbit hole and researching early 19th Century fashion on top of everything else but…well… if I actually manage to be organised this year it might be possible.

A New Ball Dress

I’ve worn my black with roses ball dress a few times now and would very much like to make another ball dress to dance about in. There’s a very good chance that I will end up making a day bodice to go with it to make the ensemble more versatile. This was going to be another 1880s bustle dress since I already have all of the foundation garments. But now I can’t seem to get the 1870s out of my head. I was gifted a Spotlight gift card for Christmas that I spent on lawn cotton for the petticoats. I started working on the first at the weekend and hope to have both completed by the end of the month.


A Muff and Other Accessories

Easter is later this year and I’m dreaming of attending the Winter Ball at Larnach Castle so I’m going to need a new muff and perhaps another Talma Wrap. I’ll probably make a new hat, and one or two new reticules of course.

Busting the Stash

I’m hoping to make use of what I have in my stash to make up one or two projects. I’ve started a new bodice made out of leftover tartan and black taffeta from my Tartan outfits and Shippensburg Dress.


War Years Day

All going according to plan I’m hoping to attend the Taranaki Pioneer Village War Years Day in April again. Hopefully the weather will be a little bit less chance-of-rain this year.


As soon as I heard that the Ferrymead Easter Gala was on this year I didn’t have to think twice – I loved attending last year so I am definitely heading to Christchurch again for the second one. My flights are already booked and I’m counting down.

Victorian Heritage Celebrations

And, of course the Oamaru Victorian Heritage Celebrations is already written in permanent marker on my calender. If I’m asked to organise the Historical Fashion Show again then I’ll be doing that, and other than that, I’ll be attending as many events as possible, and enjoying the company of all my dear friends.

If other events pop up along the way then I will definitely be trying to attend those. Hopefully I can figure out my time management better and attend more events while sewing less.


Time Management

After last year, with all of its many projects, and time-consuming, stressful stuff, I want to be better with how I manage my time and my projects. I’m arming myself with planners and notebooks and my inbuilt stubbornness, hoping to achieve a lot and not lose my marbles in the process.


Just like last year, I want to make more hats and try to build up my millinery skills.

Pattern Scaling

This was one of the skills I mentioned in last year’s post but one that I never ended up doing anything about. I’ve got plenty of scalable patterns in books lining my bookcase but apart from using them to scale up sleeves, I haven’t attempted anything else. While it is a lot less stressful to use Truly Victorian or other already-drawn-up patterns, combining them with pattern pieces from the books would definitely add one or two unique elements.

Other Plans


I am hoping to spend a great deal of time this year with my nose in a book, spending more time reading about not only Victorian Fashion, but also life during the Victorian era, and about Her Royal Highness herself.

Fashion Show

If I am asked to organise the historical fashion show for the Oamaru Victorian Heritage Celebrations again then this will be right at the top of my list. This time round it will be easier because I’ve already laid some groundwork, have a bunch of notes written out, and I have a better idea of what to expect. Plus, I now know that I’ve got several people who I can count on for help.

Family and Friends

Because I’m no longer a temp, playing that whole ‘will my contract get extended? What other jobs can I get?’ game, and have a permanent job I can better plan for trips away and time off. This means that I can spend more time with my friends and family – most of whom live elsewhere in the country. I’m looking forward to this more than any project or event.

Okay 2019, let’s do this!!!

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